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Wouldn't some of you time-traveling Troubadours like to pay tribute to a faithful partner ? Here's a lyric to help. Sometimes we take our most enduring love for granted. No one deserves tribute more that those with us through all the good and bad times ! This is about something an old traveler once told me.


It was December, windy and cold.
I was waiting to catch the 5 o'clock train.
My thoughts were cloudy. My bones felt old.
I stood watching the tracks through a curtain of rain.

The train came groaning, like a tired old dragon.
People were moving into gathering lines.
I grabbed my guitar,and my spirits were sagging,
till I moved into line next to bright summer eyes.

Bright summer eyes, full of sunshine and smiles.
Bright summer eyes, they cheerfully reached,
a cold, lonely heart, past the years and the miles,
turning December to a blue-water beach.

Eyes that were laughing, in spite of the cold.
A voice asked, "Are you a singer of songs ?"
I laughed as I said - "Well - so I've been told -,
it'll soon be discovered that's where I belong " !

Laughing together, the cold disappeared.
We boarded the train, finding seats side by side.
We've traveled that way now, through miles and years,
whatever the weather - wherever the ride.

I often look back in thought to remember,
that cold winter day, with a magic surprise,
in a package of rain, and a windy December,
rescued by love, and sweet summer eyes.

( © 1997 "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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