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Another day for us to love again.
Another day to try, and maybe win.
Another dawn, there's sunlight on the sill.
It's sunrise in Wonderville.

Another day of 'how-to-pay-the-rent'?
Another day without the soul we spent.
Another day to love the way we will.
It's sunrise in Wonderville.

Along the street we hear the sound,
of Life still on its way.
Morning sun is shining down.
We have another day.
to work, and play,and pay the bills.
It's sunrise in Wonderville.

Another day, there are no bars to see.
It's just the cell of dusty poverty.
Another day to fight depression's chill.
It's sunrise in Wonderville.

Another day - I look into your eyes.
Another day - I see my true sunrise !
Love comes through somehow, and always will !
It's sunrise in Wonderville !

The aches and pains I can forget.
The weariness can disappear.
I can see the 'wonder' yet.
I can love, because you're here -
And we face Life together - still !
It's sunrise in Wonderville !

(© 1998- "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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