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Lemon-love is good love, Baby !
Lemon-love will tell it true.
You may think it's sour, maybe -
but Lemon-love won't lie to you.

Lemon-love is love that's wise.
May not be the love of youth.
If you want someone to tell you lies,
'taint lemon-love - it tells the truth.

We've all got to wake up someday,
lemon-love makes it easy to do.
A little sugar in a lemonade,
and you will have a love that's true.

Lemon-love is good love,Baby !
Better than candy you will find.
You may think it's sour maybe,
but lemon-love is the lasting kind.

Some will woo you with sweet nothins.
That ain't the way of lemon-love.
True and faithful should mean something.
That's what you get with lemon-love.
Lemon-love is good love, Baby !

( © 2003- "Future Folk" Music- Betty J. Curtis )