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This could easily use he or she as subject.
Please note how many of these lyrics suit video very well.


She wrote his name on the envelope,
and the address she used to call home.
How well she knew the old zip code,
where she'd spent long nights alone.

As she pressed the flap, it closed the door.
The stamp was the final seal.
The postal box was the port-of-no-more,
and the past was in the mail.

The letter would soon fly away,
through the skies, to an uncaring hand.
Words inside would clearly say,
what he never could understand.

"I never wanted to own you.
I just wanted to share our days.
Now I know, I've never known you,
nor understood your ways."

"You never would open the window,
to let me see inside.
I didn't know how to find you.
Although, God knows, I tried !"

"So I'm telling you on paper,
and if you wonder why,
the distance should help you feel safer,
and I'll be free ...

( © 1998 - "Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis )

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