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This was offered in February as a Valentine song, but suits other times too.


I sent a letter to Cupid -
words that I'd like you to hear.
I asked him to slip to your room some night,
and whisper them all in your ear.

Telling you how much I love your smile,
the light of your eyes, and such,
your hair that shines like the lamplight,
and is soft, and silky to touch.

I'm not really sure if he listened.
I don't even know if he tried.
I'm just trying to catch your attention,
and I'm feeling terribly shy.

So, I sent a Letter to Cupid -
one full of sugar and spice.
I asked him to take it to you,
and deliver it someway nice.

If you've felt any hot little arrows,
or you think you've heard whispering wings,
then, I think he's been hiding in shadows,
and doing his Cupid things !

If he whispered the words that I sent.
If he poured out the love in my heart,
then maybe, in time you'll give in
to that little ol' Cupid-guy's Art !

(Sendaverse-free use-Compliments of "Future Folk" Music-2001)

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