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All in good-humor tradition of "Hello Walls" and "Flowers On The Wall"


If you ask me how I'm doing,
well - I'm doing fine,
making friends with Lonely,
and moving down the line.

I get up every morning,
and tell myself "Good Day !"
We have coffee, me and Lonely,
who don't have much to say.

Sometimes I talk to the radio,
if my dog don't want to hear.
He has a way to let me know,
by scratching at his ear.
I visit with the TV,
and people on the phone,
who, by mistake, get me.
So I don't feel alone.

There's lots to keep me company;
the dishes in the sink,
and little thoughts that come to me,
insisting that I think.

Through the day I do some things ,
like sorting through the mess,
of junk mail that the postman brings,
till Lonely wants a rest.

Long about mid-afternoon,
we take a little snooze,
though Lonely says he'd just as soon,
have a little booze.
There's no need to phone me,
or ask me out. I'm fine .
Making friends with Lonely,
and moving down the line.

( © 2004 "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )