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Patterns in Time - slowly unwind.
Destiny weaves a winding way,
Light and shadow will combine,
in a dance of Night and Day.

It's always been the way of love,
to bring the bitter and the sweet.
There is a Purpose designed above.
It finds a way for lovers to meet.

It may seem by chance - a simple event,
like a light through an opening door.
There may not be even a hint,
that the meeting means much more.
There's always a wonderful reason, we'll find,
in the hidden Patterns of Time.

Somewhere a silent clock keeps time,
and tolls when the hour has come,
for those linked by mystic design,
to meet on the Long Road Home.

We may not know the reason why.
We may not see the Plan.
It will all be clear by-and-by,
when we join the Heavenly Band.

We must always watch and wait,
faithfully do our part,
until the day Love opens the gate,
revealing the welcoming heart.
There's always a wonderful reason we'll find,
in the hidden Patterns of Time.

( © 2004 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis)