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Emerging from the shadows of my dreams,
when sleeptime is a well of troubled scenes,
they leave me feeling bad,
confused, afraid, and sad.
I always wake up wondering what they mean.

Within the broken message of my dreams,
nothing is exactly as it seems.
There's people I don't know,
and places I don't go,
flowing in and out of troubled scenes.

Sometimes it's futile hunting, for something I can't find.
Sometimes it's frantic running, from something close behind.
If I stop, and try to see who it might be,
they fade away without a word to me.
I feel like a shadow in a world of shadow dreams.

If you wake up in the morning in despair,
and bits of shadow dreams float in the air,
you can know you're not alone.
It's our common telephone,
there's a message we can use - somewhere in there.

Sifting through the shadows of my dreams,
and all the murky underworld of scenes,
when I look the faces squarely in the eye,
asking for an answer "who" and "why" ,
sometimes they smile and tell me what it means.

There are many questions we don't ask.
There are many times we think they're gone.
They're only stored until we face the task,
and bring the hidden meaning into dawn.
Emerging from the darkness into Light,
they are no longer shadow dreams of night.

( © 2004 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis)