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Seems like a long way from Yesterday.
I can still see the smile on your face.
Saying goodbye - you were fading away,
like a scene in a long ago place.

Yesterday's Wind still carries the sounds,
and the sweet aroma of summer.
A memory of you, can wrap me 'round,
like a dream in peaceful slumber.

Words are echos, and ripples in streams.
All the songs are the woodland choir.
Special times still live in my dreams,
and warm with a timeless fire.
It all comes back to console me again,
on the gentle flow of Yesterday's Wind.

As long as there's love, there's always a lane,
leading through Space and Time.
Memory still can ease sorrow's pain,
and bring a glow to the mind.

For now, we hold to an old memory,
and visits from Yesterday's Wind,
until the day when we are free,
to be together again.

Tomorrow beckons from a distant shore,
where love will live again.
We won't be sad, or apart anymore,
when the Ship comes sailing in,
to the port of Forevermore,
on wings of Yesterday's Wind.

( © 2004 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )