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Love was here last Summer.
Gone with Autmn's wind.
Now, alone, I wonder,
will life return again,
to the happy days of Summer,
when ocean kissed the sand,
before the storm and thunder
marched across the land ?

It's easier in Winter, when silent snowflakes fall,
to say I don't remember, and don't look back at all.
I can say I don't have questions, or see your laughing eyes,
and that everyday decisions aren't made with wistful sighs;
or my arms don't ache to hold you, and I have no tears to fall.
I'm living in the moment; and I wander memory's hall.

I know I'm just pretending.
I can't fool my heart.
The memory's unending,
though we are far apart.
Though all the world is changing,
and everything's aflow,
the memory's remaining,
the aching will not go.

So, I play my game in silence. No-one would ever guess,
how many times I ask myself if missing you is less.
Nor will they hear the answer, that echoes in the air,
I don't have time to miss you, you're with me everywhere.
I will always love you. I dream of you each night.
I'm living in the moment, but the moment's never right.

( © 2002 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )

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