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They told me I couldn't. They told me I shouldn't.
They told me I wouldn't succeed.
But I have a dream; ignore it, I couldn't,
so I've set out to follow its lead.

They passed on the bad news, and plenty of sad news,
but I believe Glad News I've heard ;
if we will try, and push on past the blues,
one day we'll hear the Good Word !

They told Columbus that he was a fool.
They laughed at Noah, and Edison too.
The Vision and Dream they would never allow,
is all part of History now !

In the nay-sayers' eyes, I see past the disguise,
to a soul where a Dream lies sleeping.
What is the Dream ? When will it arise ?
What date with Destiny should it be keeping ?

What is your part ? Look in your heart;
there lies the Seed of Spirit.
Silently listen. It's faint at the start,
but if you take time you will hear it !

Remember Columbus; they called him a fool !
Remember Noah, and Edison too !
They heard their Dream,helped it grow strong,
and proved all the nay-sayers wrong !

( Sendaverse-free use-Public Domain-compliments of "Future Folk" Music)