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The everday blessing - A new day.


Sunrise - another new day.
A fresh new page in the book.
Yesterday's errors can be washed away,
and given a new day's look.

Sunrise - another new chance,
to try to do better next time;
to try to improve on the dance ,
and shake dark clouds from the mind.

Nature is waking. Birds taking flight.
Overnight shadows dissolve in the light.
The highway stream is beginning to hum,
busy with people, and things to be done.
Up over it all, the sun's shining down,
even though rainyday clouds may frown.
Another new day, to start over again,
doing our best to be Life's friend.

Sunrise - driving the mist away,
clearing the mind and the eyes.
Another new chance, another new day,
a little more older,a little more wise.

Bless it, the New Day - the chance to begin,
with a little more faith, and a little more heart.
Welcome the gift of beginning-again,
and a new chance to polish our part.

(Repeat Chorus)

( © 1999 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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