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Lately, whenever we happen to meet,
"How are you doing"? and, "What's new"? - we say.
Then, after that, the silence is deep.
It seems like we're drifting away.

Old Friend, I still remember so much,
and sometimes it's puzzling to me;
no matter how near, we can feel out of touch.
You're puzzled too, I can see.

Is it only time,that carries us on,
in different directions, along different ways,
and we're still old friends, just moving along,
as everyone does, through by-ways and days ?

On through the years, wherever we go-
mile after mile, day after day,
sometimes we'll pause to remember, I know.
We're not really drifting away.

There's always places, like walking the beach,
viewing a sunrise, or hearing a song,
when a part of us pauses, and memories reach,
to touch like old friends - just moving along.

It's Life that is teaching us, Love has it's ways,
that time cannot dim, and space cannot bind.
There's greetings and meetings, beyond miles and days,
and old friends still meet, beyond time.

( © 1996 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Friendship Songs