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I took a walk today, down a country road,
where I used to walk many years ago.
The houses still were there, spaced like country homes,
several fields between - all in planted rows.

The road that once was dirt, now had a trace of paving,
thin enough that it was showing wear.
As the sun sank low - in the twilight fading -
it seemed to me, my memory was fading with it there.

The road became a blur.
Lights that shone in windows,
seemed distant as the stars.
The calling of a bird,
from a distant meadow,
blended like a breeze blown from afar.
As the picture faded, loneliness crept in.
I was just another Stranger -
who can't go back again.

The friendly country store, now had boarded windows.
The new highway swiftly passes by.
There's a whisper when the wind blows,
as if they still were there,
somewhere in the country evening sky.

I offered a salute, and slowly wandered back,
started up our city car, feeling like the lost.
The future's out there waiting. Got to get on track.
We know we must go on - and yesterday's the cost.

The scene became a blur.
our headlights found the highway.
Motel rows and neon, replaced the window lights.
As we moved into the city, we heard no meadow calls,
just the city traffic, city lights, and city walls.
Once again - the loneliness crept in.
I'm just another Stranger -
who can't go back again.

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )