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We specialize in the thoughtful lyric and the feel-of-surreal. Our lyrics have something to say about our interior experience in a thoughtful way. We believe these fit our times, because experiences that we use thoughtfully leave less scars, and more wisdom. We try to mine our experiwnces as a common heritage shared along the Way.

What We're About - And Why

The Troubadour Mission

Carry the Book on through the years!
Sing it in song forever!
Music and memory, gentle and clear.
Call it the "Book Of Remember".

Songs like a garden in flowering Time,
hearty and brave and tender.
Make it a history in music and rhyme -
call it the "Book Of Remember".

Down the Long Road, on through the years,
Processions of wandering glory,
passing through trials, troubles,and tears -
songs of Humanity's story.

Pass on the memories, adding your own.
Make it a song of victory -
steady and more enduring than stone -
call it The Spirit's History".

A vivid Procession through places and times,
a song of faithful splendor,
woven with love, triumphantly fine -
call it the "Book Of Remember".

Parent to child, lover to lover,
teacher to student, pass it along;
all that we learn, and all we discover -
the "Book Of Remember" in song !

(Sendaverse - free use - compliments of "Future Folk" Music 2000)

What follows is a table grid of lyrics to review. If you are seriously interested in collaborating, please use the link titled "Terms Info" to print out a paper which will inform you of options for collaboration. Our terms are very flexible as you will see. Contact information is reached by the link titled "Contact". We hope you will see why we feel there is a need for the thoughtful lyric, and be interested in working with us.

Troubadour Save Me A Place Goodbye July Sandy's Song
New Stars Timeless Rover Need To Get New Your Song
Heartstrings Arches Waiting In The Wings Waves
This Is The Season MissYou After The Parade Change Is The Name Of The Song
Lonely On The Beach* * * * * * Lookin'-Back Blues

Terms Info Contact Us True Vows
Do You Ever Think Of Me ? Stranger Don't Let The Shadows Win
Drifting Away * * * Virtual Stranger
* * * Just About SundownWanderers' Code
Windows Yesterday's Wind Rain On The Roof
Talking To The Wind * * * Low Ebb
Mexico Dream Message Dreamer's Ball
Bittersweet Port-Of-Call A Room In Forever
The Shadow Wondering Dividing Streams
Shifting Songposts Year's End