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Betty J. Curtis
Yucca Valley, Ca.
Phone: (760) 365-9146
ASCAP Member#1541957

We are in the Southern California Mojave Desert, between Palm Springs, Ca. and Twenty-nine Palms, Ca. We are near the Joshua Tree National Park. If you would like to pay a cyber-visit to our area, you may use the followng link to the Joshua Tree Nat'l Park. It has links to nearby towns also. Site pages unfold when you open the site. You will need to use your BACK button to exit.

At the Park site click on Related Links to explore,and visit interests and nearby towns. Be sure to send your friends an e-postcard, also reached by a link at main page bottom.

Contact J. Gale Kilgore
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phone:432-393- 5706 - Big Spring, TX

Contact Gerry Peters
Gerry Peters
Midi Magic Studio
7176 Somerset Farms Drive
Nashville, TN 37221-2329

Contact Shirley Sheppard
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phone: 678 - 513-7691