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Do you ever think of me ?
That's the question haunting me.
Take the paper and the pen.
Tell me how your days have been.
Sad or glad,whatever they may be.
Tell me if you ever think of me.

I put the CD on, to listen to our song.
It takes me back to days we used to know.
It was so simple then. Will it ever be again ?
Like the River's waters, Time will flow.

I see you in the misty rain
of an early Autumn day.
Umbrella braced against the wind,
and the passing traffic spray.
I see the laughter on your face.
I hear the words you say -
"Darlin' don't you ever go away."

Do you ever think of me ?
Do you remember used-to-be ?
This is now, and that was then,
somewhere hanging in between,
is silly anger in a spin,
and words we didn't mean.

So I take the paper and the pen,
to send these lines to you.
Can they call you back again,
to days that we once knew ?

I see you in the Summertime,
when days were sun and beach.
I hold your picture in my mind.
Still my arms can't reach.
I turn the page of memory,
hold the vision tenderly,
but it's all a distant reverie.
Do you ever think of me ?

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )