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One more dream -
can change the scene.
One more promise shining.
Just when it seems - there is no hope.
Just when it seems - the clouds were winning,
a ray of sunlight brims the slope.
Another dawn - beginning.

A long, long night,
with little light,
doubt and darkness hovers.
Faith is jaded.
Hope has faded.
All the stars seem covered.
One more dream, can change the scene.
One more dream - discovered.

Comes a fairer wind.
You hope again.
You see the Light slip in.
An inner dawn, will call you on.
Another drummer drumming.
Another promise summons.
Let the dream begin !
However dark it seems,
it just takes - one more dream.
One more dream.

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )