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Everyone has a story like this. Names can be changed to fit personally.

Esther is in Kansas.
I don't know about the rest.
I don't have the answers.
I don't even guess.
Someway we go on - we who yet are left -
halfway past remember - and drifting toward forget.

Dean and Marge and Wally made their exit,
Floyd is gone,and Iva's on the way.
Lois and John moved on. Van checked out of Texas,
Vi waited awhile and went another day.
We still feel an emptiness for them yet,
halfway past remember - and drifting toward forget.
They were a longtime anchor for our life,
down through many years.
We shared some dark days,and some bright.
We shared some laughter and some tears.
Now we're like they were just before they left -
halfway past remember - and drifting toward forget.

Mom and Pop, and Dad departed, several years apart.
The emptiness came slowly, one by one.
One day it fell heavy on the ageing heart,
most of the closest family were gone.
There was a time of grief,some time for regret,
halfway past remember, and drifting toward forget.

I look back, but not for long.
I'm looking forward too.
Don't think this is all sad song.
The story isn't through.
There's better ways for all of us. We will get there yet,
halfway past remember,and drifting toward forget.
I'll say till then, for all those gone,
don't think that we don't care,
if memory can't tag along,
and travel with you there.
Now it's life's December, we'll be together yet.
The good times we'll remember,
and the troubles we'll forget.

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )