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Sometimes it hits you like a sock in the jaw.
Sometimes it grumbles like a storm in the belly.
It can set you running like you're running from the law.
Sometimes it turns you to a quivering jelly.
No way to know just how it may arrive.
It's not the same for everyone.
It touches you deep, and you know to survive,
you either gotta change - or you'll come undone.

It's like Something calling from out of the blue,
maybe on a storm cloud; maybe on a breeze.
Like a whisper from Heaven finally getting through.
It stands you on your feet, or drops you to your knees.
Someway you discover what you know you got to do.
You've got a need to get new.
You really got a need to get new.

I've seen a poor man down on the street.
Suddenly he freezes at the sight of where he's fallen !
A light comes in his eyes and he takes to his feet,
bound for better living 'cause he heard Something calling.
I saw a woman, heavy with her load,
tangled in a knot of doubt and self-defeat.
A frown on her face and a mind like a stone,
till she heard the sound of a different Drummer's beat.

They heard Something calling from out of the blue.
Thunder like a storm cloud , or whixper on a breeze.
Surely it was Heaven, finally getting through,
to drop them to their knees, or stand them on their feet.
And another soul discovered what they knew they had to do -
answer the need to get new.
They really had a need to get new !

( © 2002 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )