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Rolling down the highway, I could see the Skyway,
bridge that led to somewhere I once knew.
On a road about half-way to the shores of Tampa Bay,
I came down with a case of Looking-Back blues.

The Past is still the Past. You can't make it last,
by visiting the scenes of long ago.
They aren't there today, and scenery has a way,
of changing, like the props used for a show.

Wonder why I care; why I'm breathing yesterday's air.
Why do I see ghosts along the street ?
Part of me is gone, but visions linger on,
and I think I hear the voices just as sweet.
I'm gonna have to turn me toward the new.
Ain't no future in these Looking-Back Blues.

Where we used to go, for Saturday's picture show,
is gone, and now a parking lot is there.
The park we used to know, in summers long-ago,
is now a mall, with concrete everywhere.

The South has a brand new song. Music's moving on.
Radio's playing Gloria and her Band.
That sounds good to me. Sets those old blues free.
I'm on my way to find my Promised Land.

Pick it up and drive away ! Bring it home today !
It's living in my heart, and in my soul.
Whether I go or stay, it's with me anyway.
Moving on, like a traveling medicine show.
Yesterday goes with me, shining through.
I can say goodbye to Looking-Back Blues !
Good-bye ! Goodbye ! Looking-Back Blues !

( © 2002 - Betty J. Curtis - J.G. Kilgore )

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Goodbye Looking Back Blues