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In the country,shadows grow longer.
Sunlight slants low in the west.
A cool breeze is growing stronger,
the day subsides to low ebb.

Children have gone in for supper.
Their laughter, and noises of play,
fade like the softening flutter,
of birds to the nest - at end of the day.

Low ebb to sound and light.
Low ebb to wings on the wind.
Low ebb gives way to the night,
as the quiet time settles in.
The country night breathes in the wind.

In the city the change is less.
A night life comes into view.
As the sunlight fades in the west,
car lights and neon slip through.

There's no velvet hush coming down.
Just a subtle difference in tone.
Less of the hurried city sound,
more of a faroff - feel of alone.

Low ebb in the office and store.
Low ebb in the rush of the street.
Like the waves of low tide far from shore,
you can still hear the city's heart beat.
You can still hear the city heartbeat.

( © 2003 -"Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )