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Drop by drop, rain is falling.
Leaf by leaf, Summer surrenders.
From the hills, a cold wind is calling,
The fire now has faded to embers.

We all know these days of Passage.
We all know the cold Winter wind.
It's hard to see the hidden message,
time's falling seeds will live again.

Heart must sometimes hold to Faith.
Soul must sometimes shed its tears.
It's how we cleanse the doubt and weight,
and move on past the fears.

In silent Passage, seeds are falling.
Autumn's golden store descending.
Although Winter winds are calling,
this is Passage, not an ending.

Soon, the seeds will nestle close,
against the heart of Mother Earth.
Soon the blanket of the snows,
will cover them, till Spring's rebirth.

Time has always days of Passage.
It's the way all Life moves on.
In the midnight's starry message,
lies the promise of the Dawn.

( © - 1996 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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