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A touch of satire. Here's one for flat, mechanical delivery.
You know,mimic ennui.The beat's the clue!

They call it passe. That's just the way -
they like to regard - something to say.
scramble, my friend. Brew up a blend -
that sounds like no-place-to-go -
they'll understand - and give you a hand -
they like to say "you-don't-know" -
Oh yes - by-the-way -
sentiment's super passe -

Oh yes - it's passe -
to line up the words with a thought -
and yes it's passe - to use words the way -
last year's standards were taught -
they speak of 'free' -
but it's only this year's ennui -
and that sounds to me - like passe-of-passe -

so bring them a spoon - to whip up a tune -
to put in the blender - and pulverize -
you know it's passe - to mean what you say -
and to sing it out clear -
why ! they wouldn't hear ! -
they'd say you had'dreams-in-your-eyes' -
and they'd straggle aaa-waaay -
because you're pass-aaay -

( © 1997 -"Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Like-It-Is Songs