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It's early in the morning on a Kansas family farm.
Mom is cooking breakfast, and Dad is in the barn.
The cattle low to greet him. The morning air is cool.
Chester puts his jeans on, and collects his books for school.

We are "We The People" ! We live in many places.
A country full of names. A country full of faces.
We sing, and laugh, and weep oh !
We are "We The People" !

It's evening time in Georgia, and peaches on the trees.
There's open fields and flowers, and busy honey-bees.
Jesse's driving home now. The office day is done.
Ellen and the kids, wait for him at home.

Through sunlight, rain, and winter snow,
Fathers and Mothers and children go,
down highway, lane, and city street oh !
We are "We The People" !

It's dance night in Nebraska. Judy primps and preens.
It's Summer in Alaska, and snow gives way to green.
Jerry has a race to run. Gene must give a speech.
Lee and June are having fun, on a California beach.

We dream our dreams and fight our fights.
We build the houses, and light the lights.
From Mountain top, to Oceans deep oh !
We are "We The People" !

Some Extra Choruses

Many faces, from many lands;
minds and hearts and busy hands,
on farm, or street, or old church steeple:
We are "We The People" !

The prairie wind, it knows our name.
We build the towns, and sow the grain.
At harvest time we reap oh !
We are "We The People" !

We come from Earth, and reach for stars.
We know the hope and bear the scars.
Whether we sing, or whether we weep oh !
We are "We The People" !"

(© 1996 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis)

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