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In the pre-dawn of a Winter morning,
from a hollow of despair,
wind across the cold is moaning,
like a weary sinner's prayer.

Faucet in the kitchen dripping,
like the sound within the heart,
where a Life beyond doubt's gripping
flows with Spirit's silent art.

I do not know what freeing plan,
my Lord has made to thaw my soul.
I do not know what answer can,
when it seems empty, sad, and cold.

Yet - I know from passing years,
in times when others turned away,
a silent Presence dried my tears,
and shone a Light to show the Way.

Thanks I give, and Faith, this morning,
though no evidence yet shows,
I know the Sun will rise at dawning,
to light the Long Road with its glow.

(Sendaverse - free use - Public Domain -"Future Folk" Music - 2001)

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