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In the early morning,
in the silence of pre-dawn,
I pause to pray - remembering -
The Father and The Son.
There in the silent Presence,
Nature too has paused.
Mother Nature listens,
in the way of Nature's laws.
Renewal is in silence. Listening follows prayer;
and watching for the Presence, that is always everywhere.
Like the flutter of a bird's wing, when it ascends in flight,
and the dawning of the morning, that calls us from the night,
all are signs of the Presence - flowing everywhere.
In our time of silence, we will meet it there.

When we merge with morning,
called into the day,
the morning news is warning -
trouble's on the way.
Yet - also it's affirming -
we take our place with care,
daily we are learning -
to be the Presence there.
Tragedy and wonder - Life is moving on,
through the clouds and thunder, to the re-emerging sun.
We can meet them all, one day at a time,
answering the call, with the Presence in our mind.
We can be the Presence, living everywhere.
Renewal is in silence, and listening after prayer.

(Free use-Public Domain-"Future Folk" Music-Betty J. Curtis 2002 )