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Quicksilver memories flow through the mind.
They won't be bound by Time.
You can catch them a moment,rolled like a tear,
then swiftly, they disappear.

Quicksilver pulse, leaps in the heart,
when touched by Cupid's dart -
flows like a fire through springtime veins,
and falls like late-summer rains.

Never quite captured. Never quite lost.
Such is our dearest and fondest recall.
We hold the treasure. We pay the cost,
for Quicksilver Visions at Memory's Ball.

Quicksilver promise, on the lips of young love,
easily slips through memory's glove.
Drifts like a whisper out of the past,
to a future love that will last.

Quicksilver moments of quicksilver soul.
Quicksilver bells that toll.
All through a lifetime of wandering love,
on wings of a quicksilver Dove.

Never quite captured. Always within.
Glinting with beauty we cannot define.
Fire that is liquid. Light that is wind.
Quicksilver Visions, in the heart and mind.

(Copyright 1997-"Future Folk"Music-Betty Curtis)

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