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In September, when the Summer,
is beginning to depart,
the sound of Autumn's drummer,
is heard faintly in the heart.
Love will draw to center,
when it quietly perceives,
the prelude signs of Winter,
in October's golden leaves.

Love does not die, although it may grow quiet.
Love does not disappear, although it may ascend.
It is not less of Love, though it grows more silent,
it flows like waiting music on the wind.

In November, when the leaves fall,
Love knows the future's need,
and prepares a gift that's small,
the tiny ark of seed.
In December, when the snow descends,
it's Love's reminding message:
it changes, but it never ends -
it's all a Rite of Passage.

Love does not die, it is always here.
It wears many faces, and answers many needs.
When April sounds the summons, it will reappear,
to bless the land again, in awakening seed.

( © 1996 -"Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Seasonal Songs