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(A Troubadour'Serena'song was just an 'evening song')

It's night on the prairie, and the only sound,
is a lonesome coyote howl.
Is it only the wind come sweeping down,
or wings of a ghostly owl ?

Moon stares down, like an icy eye.
Hills hunch against the winds.
Those distant lights against the sky,
is the town where this mile ends.

It's one more night, and another mile,
from haven to haven along the Way,
to be warmed by light of a stranger's smile,
and await the breakin' of day.

You carry a dream in a place of calm;
your guitar close by your side.
It's the only love you hold in your arms,
to warm the cold inside.

In the gaze of stars, Love's lookin' on,
with a patience that lets us pass -
sure that we'll know, when the Journey's done,
it's time to come Home, at last.

It's one more night, and another town.
A place to sleep till dawn.
In all your dreams, you're Homeward Bound.
At sunrise, you travel on.

Sendaverse-free-use-compliments of "Future Folk" Music

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