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Today is the Birthday of that amazing Republic we call America. The wisdom of our Forefathers when they shaped the form of our Government has served to guide for over 200 years. As they worked and debated, they prayed for Divine Guidance, and were not ashamed to do so ! Yes - they were careful to include terms regarding separation of Church and State. Some came from countries where the rights of choice regarding religion were denied, and the State enforced a specific belief system. They wanted to avoid such problems arising in the State they sought to guide into the future. However, they were also careful to ensure the Right of Freedom to Worship in the manner of individual choice. The Right to Worship was protected; but the element of any enforced form of sectarianism, was denied. There is a subtle difference here, which is currently being ignored by some factions.

Through the years, reference to God as a Divine Presence overseeing affairs of humanity, has identified a certain attitude basic in our nation from the beginning. Today challenging elements seek to remove any reference to this basic attitude, citing it as a violation of the separation of Church and State clause our founding Fathers so carefully added. They ignore the Freedom of Worship statement. In school prayer , if it is true to Freedom of Worship, it is an option, to be decided by the individual. Those who do not wish to participate, are not coerced to participate. Nor do they have the right to deny those who do wish to take part the right to do so ! The Ten Commandments are statements of common decency. No civilized person should have a problem with reference to them. If they do not choose to apply them, that is their choice. Today moral decline is a result of not applying them. The element of choice remains.

If the elements which seek to remove such basics from our national conscience prevail, they will disconnect America from the firm Foundation, and the Overseeing Divine Guidance which has inspired many an Officer of Government through the years. Moral decline will follow. Throughout history this is an element which preceded the collapse of both State and Society. They will then declare that the God we so depended on has been proved an illusion ! But God did not abandon America. It would be America which abandoned God. Then - only the lonely individuals who still choose Faith in Higher Guidance will remain to carry the torch into the future, as seed for future renewal, again Guided by a Higher Wisdom. "All the world is in the valley of decision !"

Consider this. It is not logical to deny existence of an Overseeing Intelligent Power acting through world leaders, and present in individual human lives. Perceptible to our human senses are at least four strata of specific quality: the mineral kingdom ; the vegetable kingdom ; the animal kingdom ; and the human kingdom. There are also levels both below and above those which are perceived by us via instruments of extended perception.

Isn't it logical that there also exist other kingdoms of organized life forms above the human kingdom, not yet perceptible to us ? Why are not kingdoms of Angelic quality, and Divine Nature of greater Intelligence , awareness, and power, considered a logical continuation ? If we can care about each other, share affection, compassion, and relationships of meaning, is it not also likely that Beings of greater developed capacity for all these qualities also exist ? And - would it not be likely such levels would be concerned with our welfare and unfoldment of potential, to see it goes well ? Would they not also advise, those who will listen, of how to best unfold their best, by explaining inherent universal laws which effect us all ? If a Mother tells her child, "Don't touch the stove, it will burn". that is not an opinion. It is a statement of environmental laws . It is good advice.

It doesn't require a suspension of one's reasoning faculties to consider these things. Nor to accept them as logical. Fortunately, even some of our greatest scientifically inclined minds are now accepting the logic of such matters ! They will be important to our future, even as each of us are, as we make our "decision".