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It must be snowing in hell ! No word from you through the years.
I cried many days, when you went away, till I finally ran out of tears.
My heart used to race when I heard a step, at the door.
But it never was you, and I finally knew,
you weren't coming back anymore.

Someway we learn to get by.
Someway we start over again.
When tears have rinsed out the eyes,
a much better view can get in.

I found a new set of friends, and someone to share my love well.
Now - you suddenly show up again. It must be snowing in hell !
I learned it was better this way, and the fault wasn't yours alone.
For many a day, I had to pay. But i've learned, and mellowed,and grown.
I can't say that it didn't hurt. There's a sad story to tell.
I recall what I heard, in your parting words,
so,it must be snowing in hell.

Someway it all ends up right.
Someway it all turns out well.
Somewhere, those lost in the night,
may be glad that it's snowing in hell.

( © 2000 - "Future Folk" Music- Betty Curtis )

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