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Softly now, the snowflakes fall.
Faint and distant, sunlight glows.
Asleep, awaiting Springtime's call,
the future's seed lies 'neath the snows.

Trees withdraw their sap to root.
Creatures burrow from the cold.
A lonely owl gives solemn hoot.
Persphone's tale again is told.

Secrets lie in solemn Winter.
Hushed and still, the forest grows.
A marvelous truth is lying hidden,
under a blanket of Winter's snows.

Winter's light, like the smile of Sages,
falls calm and quiet, across the scene.
Still, as the wisdom of the ages.
Still, as the hidden, sleeping seed.

Oh, as an Ark it bears a message,
across the tides of Winter wind.
Life moves deep, in silent passage,
and will arise with Spring again.

Secrets lie in solemn Winter,
protected by a cover of snow.
Joys of the future are waiting, hidden,
for Springtime summons, to waken and grow,

( © 1996 -"Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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