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There are many ways to say I'm sorry,
and there are many times we know we should.
I plan to call to tell you that tomorrow.
Tonight I hope and pray it'll do some good.

I can't send a big bouquet of roses.
I can't afford to buy a diamond ring.
So - tonight I sit here while my heart composes
a song to say I'm sorry, that I'll sing.

Now you know I don't have an angel's voice -
and yes - you know I don't have angel's ways.
All I can say is if I have a choice,
I want to be with you through all my days.
I'm praying you'll forget the devil in me,
and tell me we don't have to stay apart.
Maybe you can find some angel in me,
strong enough to mend a broken heart.

There's an echo in my memory makes me wonder.
It's an echo of the hurting words I said.
It rumbles like the rolling sound of thunder.
I wish I could erase it from my head.

In this song I write to say I'm sorry,
I hope you'll hear the sound of something new,
and when I sing this song to you tomorrow,
I'll replace those hurting words with I love you

Repeat Chorus

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )