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Page One
( Will print out to two pages )

This is a story song about how Wayfarers touch each other's lives to help.


Downtown in the diner, I saw him there.
It seemed such a long time ago.
A long reel of memory flowed through the air.
I quietly followed the flow.

I sat down beside him, and asked, when he turned -
"Do you remember me ?"
He thought for awhile; showed some concern,
then relaxed, and said - "Certainly !"

He was the heart-throb of Memory High;
the wizard of 'where-we-should-go';
voted best-looking, and 'sure-to-get-by'.
Why was he looking so low ?

He knew my name; remembered some things,
and asked how my life was going.
I said "Pretty good ! It's moving in rings,
but,at least, it's healthily flowing" !

He chuckled with sort of a wistful heart,
and then slipped into a stare.
"Well - the mind seems okay", I said - how is the heart"?
He sighed - "Missing-in-action somewhere".

Maybe the jungle, or lost on the Road;
shipped to a wrong destination somewhere . . .
I'm moving along, but the heart has no home,
It's missing-in-action out there".

(continued page 2)

Page Two

I said - "Maybe it's really the other way round,
and it's you who are lost and alone.
Maybe your heart's in a place you've not found,
waiting for you to come home. "

He pondered the thought. and then turned to me,
with the eyes of a home less waif.
Then he said - "If that's so - where could it be ?"
I said - "Somewhere as simple as Faith".

Today, a postcard came in the mail.
The postmark was some well-known place.
All that it said was - "I'm now out of jail -
in someplace as simple as Faith " !

( Free Use-Public Domain-"Future Folk"Music-Betty J. Curtis-2002 )