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My Maker didn't mean for me to be this way,
swept along in by currents of the street.
My Maker didn't mean for me to do or say -
things I sometimes do, or words I speak.

Don't know when it started; can't remember anymore.
Didn't start by plan or by intent.
Somehow I got caught in it, like a prisoner of war,
who somewhere lost the choice of free consent.

It must have been in weariness or trance.
Was it just confusion, or deceit ?
I must have shunned decision, and left it all to chance,
and forgot the road to hell's a busy street.

My Maker didn't give this life to me,
to squander, or to gamble it away.
I cannot excuse it, but you know it's hard to see
the road-signs on a dark and dreary day.

Now I've got to right the wrongs I've done;
turn my life around; try to atone,
and trust the Love that welcomed the Prodigal Son,
will welcome another wanderer back Home.

I'm weary, and I know I've lost my way.
I feel ashamed and sad in heart and mind.
I hear a Voice that's calling me today,
like the one who strayed from the ninety-and-the-nine;
like the Love that forgave the weary Prodigal Son,
welcoming another wanderer back Home.

( Free Use-Public Domain-"Future Folk"Music-Betty J. Curtis-2002 )