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I haven't heard from you for awhile. Seems like ages now.
I don't know what to do. I don't know what,or how.
I'd like to let you know, I miss you and I care.
It seems so long ago. I'm not sure you're still there.
It was all uncertain, when we went our way.
Was it a final curtain, or just Act One that day ?
Was it just a scene that ended, for props and costume change ?
What was it you intended, for this 'Unfinished Play'?

This 'Unfinished Play' - memory cannot keep.
It haunts me through the day, and wanders through my sleep.
It always shines like promise, then darts like butterflies,
in and out of moments - just like your smiling eyes.

We never said 'goodbye'. We only walked away.
I thought as time passed by, that you'd be back someday.
Would it matter if I called, or wrote a little note ?
Now it's almost Fall. Soon colder winds will blow.
I thought I'd make the exit, graceful, light, and clean,
and you'd know I expected there'd be a second scene.
Was it your planned intent, to hold my heart this way ?
Was it a 'torch' you meant, by this 'Unfinished Play' ?

This 'Unfinished Play' - it could make one weep.
It haunts me night and day, and wanders through my sleep.
If a sign had shown, that you had gone to stay,
I would not drift alone, through this 'Unfinished Play'.

(© 1998 -"Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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