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About one of today's teen heroes.


Jimmy doesn't own a suit of armor,
He doesn't ride around on a big white horse.
Jimmy's a natural-born lady-charmer.
He wins them all with his voice.

Jimmy never ever slew a dragon,
but he'll take care of the lady-fair.
Quiet, and not much given to braggin'
when he's needed , he's always there.

He's got everyday hair and searching eyes.
He doesn't stand out in a crowd.
He's a little bit shy, and a little bit wise,
but he's never pushy and loud.

Jimmy loves to strum his guitar,
and he sings his songs from the heart.
He's a real Teen-Knight, someday Star,
and he's already playin' the part.

Rowdy guys laugh. They don't understand
the country he travels in mind.
They call him a nerd, and a one-man-band,
but the girls are standin' in line !

He just sings his songs, and smiles at the girls.
He thinks they're all just fine.
He likes their dimples, and giggles, and curls.
He's a real Teen-Knight by design !
He's a Teen-Knight-one-of-a-kind !

Sendaverse-free use-compliments of "Future Folk" Music

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