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"Future Folk Music" is not set up as a business.
This is my retirement occupation. We work on a
one-to-one basis, but we do offer, and require,
legal records, on paper, for all usage arrangements


All lyrics in this collection are by Betty J. Curtis - ASCAP Writer #1541957
We offer lyrics only, the applying performer / musician develops melody. However, we deliberately write in simple meter easily adaptable to the words. This also makes the lyric easily adaptable to individual style of the artists. We also use imagery favorable to video. We do ask that the artist remains true to basic quality of what the words say.

Lyrics or verses on "A Road Song", which have notice of "Public Domain" at bottom of page, are offered for free use, by the author. Any performer / musician can develop their own melody concept for these. They can copyright their version and melody concept, but the lyric must remain Public Domain. These lyrics are offered free as they are considered too useful to be nailed down waiting for deals. The usual procedure when these are used for commercial recording is to enter on label info the following :
"Public Domain lyric - compliments of Betty J. Curtis - (and the date)
This is all we ask for their use.

If the lyric has a copyright notice and date at bottom of the page, agreements for use must be negotiated with Betty Curtis, as author. We will sell some lyrics outright, granting full title and ownership to purchaser in a signed document, containing names of author and purchaser, and full text of lyric.

We prefer collaboration agreements for some lyrics, but are willing to tailor terms to fit budget of collaborator. We are especially interested in aiding start-up careers of talented young performers, and in cases where it is needed, we will accept co-ownership of resulting song as payment, and forego any claim on royalties until cost of production has been regained by the investor.

In the case of independant artist applicants, to request use agreement for these, they need only advise us of which lyric they would like to discuss, offer basic info about theirself, type of performer, experience, etc. We will put the lyric on reserved status, while we discuss in detail, until both/each have made a decision that suits their needs.

In a case of application by a professional facility, the same basic process applies. The only difference is we would expect fair consideration as payment proportionate to capacity to pay, and currently existing standards. Even here, by honor system, we would work within essential guidelines of how to best get the product out as soon as possible, with fair provision for all involved in the process. A basic of co-ownership of the completed song, and no claim of royalties on our part till cost of production has been regained, would also be a standing consideration as needed.

The Future is our Movable Frontier
Betty J. Curtis

A Road Song