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Time out for me - I can't push anymore.
I don't know where it's goin' -- I've forgotten what it's for.
My socks need a mendin' - my battered hat, replaced -
I've gotta find a smile , to put back on my face.

Time out for me - to soothe this weary heart -
clean out the attic, and get another start.
I ain't mad at no-one - ain't sulkin' all alone -
Time out for me -just some quiet time at home.
Now I don't mean I'm quittin' .I don't mean I'm done.
I just need a spell for sittin', 'neath the evenin' sun.
I need to see the stars again, and the colors in the dawn,
time out for me - then I'll travel on.

Time out is somethin' - we all need sometimes.
We need to give each other - permission to unwind.
It shouldn't be a downer, weighted down with blame.
It shouldn't be a frowner. We shouldn't be ashamed.

If we sometimes need to say - "Time out for me"-
there oughta be a way - to do it easily -
It's just a passing season - loved ones need to know -
there's no other reason - we just need time to slow.
It don't mean we're quittin' . It don't mean we don't care.
We just need a spell for sittin' , and breathin' in fresh air.
We need to see the stars again, and watch the risin' sun.
Time out to rest awhile - then we travel on.

( © 2002 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )