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Don't tell me it's over. I knew it long ago.
We've traveled on momentum, winding down to slow.
Now,just like a needle on a record from the past,
the song is slurred and dragging, groaning to the last.

Once the song was lilting. Once the tone was clear.
Tempo kept on building, through all the early years.
Now, we know it's passing. Soon it will be gone.
All that will be lasting, is memory of the song.

No need to say it's over. No need to say goodbye.
Just walk away in silence, with no tear in the eye.
None of us can ever stop the flow of Time.
None of us can always keep the past in mind.

Yet something of it lingers. We hear it on the wind.
It touches friends and strangers in whispers now and then.
They are never over - the loves that we have known.
Love is a Timeless Rover, and anywhere is home.

(©-1998-Betty Curtis-"Future Folk"Music)