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Some goodbyes are too slow to come.


I couldn't tell you the moment; give you the hour and day.
Sometime amid the shadows and lies - love slipped away.
It wasn't so much the things you said, as what I came to suspect.
It wasn't just the loneliness, but the total lack of respect.

Funny - you could excuse your faults.Your life was yours to live it !
You wanted freedom, whatever the cost. But you didn't know how to give it.
So it had be me you loaded with blame, when I stumbled under my load.
You told other people it was a shame, I'd taken a downward road.

You painted me dark, and you painted you light.
You dressed me in clouds of doubt.
When I wanted to talk, you always took flight.
Saying - "Nothing to talk about."

It was great when love was shiney and new, and you had the starring role.
It was full of things that were fun to do, that didn't need heart and soul.
Double-harness was not for you, when it meant committment to course !
When daily duties of life came due, you just unhooked your horse.

To you, it all took too much time; too many flaws to correct.
Don't tell me the fault was all mine ! You let love die of neglect !
It took awhile, till love flew away, out of the shadows, to light.
I grieved awhile. You wandered away, still certain that you were right.

I still see love, once in awhile,
looking down like a troubled angel.
And when I think of you, I see lessons on file,
for a lonely, distant stranger.

( © -"Future Folk"Music - Betty Curtis )

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