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This little verse is included just to explain our attitude about "Songmaking". It is definitely always a team effort, involving Musician Composer, Lyricist, and Artist Performer. Until all the pieces of this Art come together,it is a stage of "Songwriting". When the performing Artist gives it a Voice, it becomes "Songmaking".


In a vacuum, words will hang there alone.
You can be limber and loose with the song.
If you don't fan the air, words will hang there ignored.
There's not enough traction to hang up a chord.

Sometimes our days, for days, are that way.
Sometimes it seems what we're trying to say,
just hangs in the air - reaches no ear -
no one to sing them - no one to hear.

From a vacuum, it's hard to reach to the rim.
Words are in limbo, they can't even swim.
It takes a lover to give them a glory,
to capture the words, and sing out the story.

Oh maybe you'll say -"That ramblin' sound -
there's no way to play - wound or unwound -
they don't have a start, and they don't have an end "!
But that isn't quite true my friend !

The Words are like Promise, before it is known.
They're like all Beauty, before it is shown.
They're like a Mantle,before it is worn.
They're like an Infant, before it is born.

In the Womb of a vacuum - a Cradle in Time -
Words lie in silence, till the Poet makes rhyme -
till the Music is born in a tune that belongs -
and the Songmaking Singer gives birth to the Song !

(Public Domain - free use - Compliments of "Future Folk" Music- 2000)

Thanks to our Songmakers, who give us a Voice on the Way !

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