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Long train passing, roaring through the night.
Boxcars loaded, passing towns and fields.
Long train passing ! Watch the signal light !
Clattering and pounding, from vallies to the hills.

Night hangs like a curtain. Passage while we sleep.
Cargo heavy laden. Rolling coast to coast.
Whizzing where it's downhill. Groaning where it's steep.
Long train passing, eerie as a ghost.

Tempo pounding steady.
Muted whistle sounds.
It's a power that is deadly,
for those who mock its rounds !

Long train passing, against a sky of stars.
Slowing through the cities. Hoots a warning clear.
Shuttles off a load, taking on new cars.
Heed the crossing warning ! This is power we should fear !

Curling through the mountains. A shadow on the ridge.
Past cities, hills, and vallies, in desert moving free.
Thunder in the canyon. Rumble on the bridge.
Long train passing ! Many will not see.

Against the moon a flash !
Passage in the night.
Few will know it passed.
Passage dark and light.
Long train passing !
Like an Angel's flight.

( © 1999 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Traditional Folk Songs