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Ever been here ?


I see you smiling through the shadows.
It's a warm September night.
Moonlight sifting through the branches,
shines with silver light.

I hear your laughter on the breeze,
whispering through the old wind chimes.
The old porch swing rocks and creaks.
We say goodbye to Summertime.

So clearly come the pictures,
snapshots by the heart.
So fleeting flow the wishes,
we're too far apart.
I can still remember.
In my heart I see,
visions from September,
a trip through Memory.

You're walking out the door - one last goodbye kiss.
You call me up at mid-day, to tell me that I'm missed.
A breeze blows through the window. I hear a distant song.
I never dreamed that you would be such a long time gone.

Then, the nights alone, full of questioning.
Why was our love so strong ? Was it Destiny ?
At last my heart remembered, Time may be a thief.
But it also takes our heartache. It also takes our grief.

There are ways the heart knows.
Passages unseen.
They are not bound by Time and Space.
There the heart is free.
I take that old remembered Way,
a trip through Memory.

(© 2001 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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