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All Rights Reserved by
Betty J. Curtis (words) and J. Gale Kilgore (music) - © 2002


It's been a long day on the Road.
Now it's sundown once again.
A few more miles, and I'll rest my load,
where the day's long Journey ends.

I'll have a good meal, shower and rest;
work on another song.
When morning comes, I'll take up the Quest,
and keep on moving along.

It's the way of life for a Troubadour;
wandering town to town.
There's no last mile, there's always one more,
and we're always Homeward bound.

Someday I'll find me a faithful mate,
a traveling sort of soul;
a lover of songs, with a Troubadour's faith,
who will go where the Road may go.

We'll sing our songs, wherever we are,
get our orders from up Above,
have some little Troubadours,
to raise in Troubadour love.

It's the way of life for Troubadours,
wandering singers of song,
all about Life through sunshine and storm,
as the years go wandering on.