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About seasons of change we all know.


It's the end of a long dry season...
the end of an old illusion.
It's the end of a lingering reason,
cloaked in a lingering confusion.

It's the end of a cycle of sorrow...
the end of old growing pains.
I know there's a rainbow tomorrow,
after the tears and the rain.

It will only rain for a while.
Tears will cleanse the soul.
It won't be long till a smile,
and promise begins to show.

It's the first of a new beginning.
At first the steps are slow.
When you haven't been used to winning,
it's hard to believe, you know.

There's more to Life than sorrow.
More than the failure of dreams.
Yes, there's an Eternal Tomorrow,
and Love, however it seems.

So, whisper goodbye to confusion,
and to all the mirages of youth.
Remember that losing illusions,
is the first step to finding the Truth.

( © 1997 - "Future Folk"Music - Betty Curtis )

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