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It was just a scrap of paper, that Buddy picked up with the trash.
It fluttered in a wisp of wind, but he managed to get a grasp.
He read the words upon it; a message from someone's heart.
Buddy was a musician, so he turned it to song with his art.
Who wrote the unknown letter ? He had no way to know.
But it sounded like a message to be passed on down the Road .
It seems to me that may be true, so I'm singing it now for you.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is a letter you'll never read. I won't send it to you.
It's just a letter I'm writing for me, to try to shake off the blues.
I really love you, and I still care, but I just can't reach anymore.
My feelings are fading into the air, and drifting away through the door.

You know how Autumn leaves scatter,
fallen and dried, on the ground.
when a cold rain starts to spatter,
and a cold wind blows them around.

That's what I'll do with this letter. I'll let the wind blow it away.
To someone who may say it better, and turn it to song someday.
I wish you well on your Journey. I pray you stay steady and strong.
This old world will keep on turning. You may someday hear this as song.

If you pause to hear what it's saying,
you may sigh because it sounds blue,
but never know while it's playing,
it's an old letter written to you.

( © 2002 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Traditional Folk