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Songs that enable us to share our journey must also include songs for sharing times of trial.
This is such a song. The Pilgrim finds companionship on the Way through such sharing.


In the darkness of pre-dawn,when silence fills the room,
when troubles linger on, and shadows haunt the gloom;
as a child in the heart of night, fears the boogie-man is hid,
and pleads for a little light, left on beside the bed -
so we sometimes lie sleepless, wrapped in worry's web.

In all such lonely vigils,
our human soul will yearn
to know of comforting angels,
and simple Faith's return.

When the storm is raging 'round us, and the threat has drawn too near;
when unseen foes confound us, and we feel the grip of fear,
the naked soul may tremble, the heart may be dismayed;
the mind may be bewildered, and certaimty may fade,
but simple Faith and Prayer guides through the vigil's shade.

The Answer may be quiet;
a still, small voice, within,
or it may be Heavenly Might,
riding on the Wind !

(Free Use-Public Domain-"Future Folk" Music-Betty J. Curtis-2002 )