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Some tell me I'm out of step;
(Maybe they don't know)
I don't know my right foot from left.
(That ain't necessarily so.)
I'm living my life the best I can.
I don't mean no harm to woman or man.
. Some say I'm movng too slow.
Well, I guess,
I'm waltzing in Wilderness.

I love the sway of an average day.
I love the sound of the sea.
I love the wine that's flowing through Time.
It's all like music to me.
It's sometimes a quest ; sometimes a rest.
It's a waltz in Wilderness.

Some tell me I'm out of style.
(Well - that may be so.)
I don't say nothing - just smile.
(There's something I know.)
Fashons and things , move in cycles and rings,
and return from wherever they go.
I don't judge folks by their dress,
if they waltz in Wilderness.

A waltz in Wilderness, simple and free.
Natural , like the waves of the sea.
As I live this life, daily I find,
Nature likes things in three-quarter time.
A waltz in Wilderness seems good to me.
That's the way I like best;
waltzing in Wilderness.

( © 2002 -"Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )

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